Causes of depression in men

Male depression most often begins to manifest itself as a reaction to something that unsettles a person. Stress from work, personal relationships, self-fulfillment, or other factors can trigger the onset of depressive experiences. However, scientists say the exact reasons have not yet been determined.

If a man has previously experienced depression in his family, this indicates a hereditary predisposition, and such people are more prone to mental disorders due to stress. Age crises can also be the cause of apathy, a feeling of lack of prospects and meaning in life.

Causes of depression in women

Women are inherently more emotional than men, and react more sharply to stress, and features such as changes in hormonal levels make them more susceptible to depression. Social factors also play an important role in the development of psychological distress in women. Dismissal from work, parting with a loved one, problems with parents or a child – there are a lot of social factors, especially if at these moments the woman does not feel support.

Causes of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression occurs primarily because after childbirth, the level of hormones in the blood of a woman changes significantly, and this causes a feeling of depression and fatigue. The mood swings inherent in this condition also often appear along with changes in hormonal levels. Added to this are the various difficulties associated with mastering a new role – the role of the mother. Responsibility, fatigue, frequent lack of sleep, and the forced restructuring of your own schedule to suit your baby’s requirements can cause negative attitudes and feelings of guilt. External factors in the form of pressure from others, which, instead of support, indicate what and how to do, and also do not miss the opportunity to communicate what a woman is doing wrong, exacerbate the situation. She begins to seriously blame herself for not coping and buries herself deeper into a pit of psychological disorder.

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