Lush, shiny hair is an indicator of health and beauty. Many women and men, when they notice that their hair has thinned, begin to make attempts to prevent this process, but to no avail. And that’s why. 

Some people use “grandmother’s recipes” for this – mustard masks, hot pepper tincture, gelatin masks. As a rule, they have no effect. Others buy expensive hair loss lotions at the pharmacy. Alas, not in all cases a pharmacy employee can give professional advice and choose the right product.

Therefore, in order not to waste precious time and not to lose a luxurious head of hair, you need to start with a visit to the trichologist and laboratory tests that will help identify the cause of the loss. After all, baldness is a purely medical problem, and not cosmetic, as many believe.

Why is there less hair?

There are plenty of reasons for hair loss. Most often these include:

  •                       diseases of the scalp, manifested in the form of itching, redness;
  •                       stress;
  •                       hormonal disorders;
  •                       lack of iron, vitamins;

Often, hair begins to fall out after suffering a “cold” while taking antibacterial drugs, in general while taking medications (hormones, antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs). In women, hair loss can occur during pregnancy, after childbirth.

Permanent perms, dyeing, the use of thermal devices (pulling irons, hair dryers), as well as a large number of styling products, aggressively affect the hair, hair follicles and scalp .

But external influences are not always the cause of hair loss. Most often, baldness is associated with a hereditary predisposition of hair follicles to the action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone .

 How to determine the cause of the loss: research

Dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss in both men and women. Therefore, in order to exclude this reason, it is recommended to perform a study in “CITILAB” 32-20-011 – Dihydrotestosterone . After that, if there are problems, the doctor will be able to prescribe hormonal treatment. Started in the early stages, it helps to effectively stop the process and does not lose the bulk of the hair.

But DHT is not the only culprit in hair loss. This is also possible in hypothyroidism, when the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) increases . Therefore, it will be useful to donate blood and perform a sensitive analysis (thyroid-stimulating hormone).

It is also recommended to check the level of iron, the lack of which can cause malnutrition of the hair follicles and hair loss and related parameters. For example, to identify the level of deposited iron by the amount of ferritin and to determine the iron-binding capacity of blood serum.

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