Antidepressants are an extremely necessary thing when a person is on the verge of life and death due to a mood disorder.
The word “antidepressants” is alarming. We do not know much about mental disorders, especially if we are not interested in this specifically. Around mental disorders – if not a halo of romanticism and mystery, then frightening stories. There are also those who consider antidepressants to be dangerous drugs that change personality and cause addiction and terrible consequences. Because of this, sometimes those who need treatment refuse it. Suddenly, all these stories are true? understands how everything really is: what are antidepressants and why they are needed, how they are applied, whether they cause side effects and addiction, whether they can be canceled at any time and why it is normal to take them, if necessary.

What are antidepressants
Antidepressants are substances that affect the functioning of the central nervous system, and as the name implies, they are mainly used in the treatment of depression.

These drugs relieve the sensations of melancholy, apathy, anxiety, anxiety, irritability, tension, increase the activity of the psyche, normalize appetite and sleep. To understand how antidepressants work, you need to understand how the nervous system works.

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