General information

Amoebiasis is a disease in which parasitic organisms – amoeba – are found in the colon. Infection with this parasite can occur at any age. A person does not even suspect that parasites are in his body, and at the same time infects others. If there are a lot of microorganisms in the colon and they damage the mucous membrane, the infection manifests itself clinically. Such a disease is called amoebic dysentery. Causes     

The disease is caused by the microorganism Entamoeba histolytica , a parasite that infects the intestinal mucosa. If an amoeba carrier is found in one of the family members, it is advisable to check for the presence of infection of his relatives, this parasite can be present in the intestine without any external signs or symptoms. Such people usually play the role of carriers of the infection and serve as its source. Symptoms of Amebiasis

– diarrhea with an admixture of blood or mucus in the stool; – fever with chills; – a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen; – painful enlargement of the liver in case of damage. Complications of Amebiasis  

In the case of a severe course of the disease, complications such as dehydration, liver abscess, brain involvement in the infectious process are possible.

What can you do

Be sure to consult your doctor if you have diarrhea with an admixture of blood or mucus in the stool. Self-medication in this case is pointless. Confirmation usually requires hospitalization. Follow all the doctor’s prescriptions, even if the signs of the disease itself have already disappeared. Incomplete treatment usually leads to a relapse of the disease. In addition, with incomplete treatment, a person can remain a carrier of infection.

What can your doctor do?

A bacteriological analysis of feces is usually prescribed to confirm the diagnosis of amoebiasis. The degree of damage to the colon is assessed using endoscopic examination – sigmoidoscopy . After a diagnosis of amoebiasis, appropriate therapy is prescribed.

Preventative measures

Boil the water you intend to drink for at least 10 minutes (especially if the water in your area is considered unsafe). Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and before cooking. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating or using them for cooking. Cover food so that flies do not land on them. Do not buy food in tents and merchants on the street. Do not use human waste as fertilizer for plants.

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