Activation and toning of the psyche

In some cases, after leaving the self -perceived sleep-rest, a distinct sensation of vivacity arises not immediately. For some time, as after normal sleep, there is a feeling of relaxation, reduced activity. To get rid of this, you need to use special formulas of auto-suggestion, called “ activating ”. The activation procedure is better to start in those minutes when the brain is still in a drowsy or semi-drowsy state – then high activity will come faster. Below are formulas aimed at achieving this goal. 

1.   State of pleasant (deep) peace.

2.   My whole body is resting …

3.   And gaining strength.

4  The feeling of relaxation and immobility from the hands … out of the legs … torso … neck … face goes away.

5.  All the muscles in my body are rested … lungs … strong.

6.   Breathing deepens …

7.   It gets deeper and deeper.

8.   Drowsiness dissipates …

9.   Drowsiness completely dissipated!

10.   The head is rested, clear!

11.   Feel great! I am full of energy!

12.   I am pleased to move on to the next business!

13.   Stand up!

Having ordered yourself “Stand up!”, Immediately rise to your feet and walk for 1-2 minutes, performing light, warm-up movements. Sometimes at the end of the procedure of relaxation and calm, in the process of achieving a “state of pleasant (deep) peace,” a feeling of heaviness appears in the muscles. To remove it, immediately after Formula 4, add another formula: “The feeling of heaviness leaves such-and-such muscles.”

Activating formulas, as opposed to soothing, should be promoted with gradual acceleration, with increasing vigor, with intonation, aimed at achieving the desired state of high activity. The number of repetitions of each formula depends on the state of health of the student – usually 1-2 times is enough.

It must be said that the ability to dive into drowsiness several times in a row (during one lesson), and then to leave it with the help of activation formulas, to plunge into deep peace again and again to gain high activity is the surest sign of good mastery of mental self-regulation . After all, apart from many particulars, the art of controlling oneself can be reduced to this basic skill: when it is necessary, one should calm one’s mental beginning or, conversely, initiate it.

A small note: when alternating calming exercises with activating formulas, activation can be included at any stage of the calming process, since the feeling of deep calm and drowsiness often occurs after the first 2-3 formulas of the calming part of the PMT.

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