A few general comments

So, PMT consists of two parts – calming and mobilizing. In both, to achieve the desired result is mainly used the power of words and their corresponding mental images. With their help, you can adjust your mental state.

Practice shows that those involved in mastering the soothing part of the BMT in 5-7 days. During this time, they learn to read by syllables, experiencing, however, the whole range of sensations referred to in the formulas of this main part of PMT.

But for complete mastery of mental self-regulation, which, after independently rationalizing all formulas (without the help of a teacher), would give a pronounced and lasting effect, daily (at least 2-3-time) independent trainings are necessary for several months. Only under this condition can we count on success in mastering the ability to regulate well our mental and physical state in any situation.

Feelings at beginners can be the most unexpected. Some, for example, begin to sway in a chair; others are dizzy; others say they cannot “see” their faces, and so on. In difficult cases, do not hesitate to stop classes and consult with an experienced psychotherapist, as sometimes PMT turns out to be a litmus test, which helps to detect residual effects diseases, or, conversely, to catch the initial symptoms of certain diseases.
Intonation is essential for the success of the lesson: it is important that it corresponds to the content of the formulas. For example, you can not say “I relax and calm down” in a cheerful tone. On the other hand, it would be wrong to say that the formula “I am ever more energetic and more cheerful” is vague, indifferent. Therefore, it is recommended that those who conduct psychic self-regulation practice be trained beforehand (using a tape recorder).

Is everyone available to master PMT? Its formulas can be mastered by anyone who has understood the meaning of the above. But the effectiveness of their implementation, the speed and strength of their assimilation among different people, undoubtedly, differ. This is due to a number of factors, among which, first of all, it is necessary to highlight the seriousness of the attitude to classes, the regularity of training, perseverance and methodicalness when working with formulas.

Matters and features of the neuropsychic sphere. In particular, people belonging to the so-called artistic type, who have a well-developed ability for figurative, objective thinking, master psychic self-regulation faster than the so-called “thinkers.” For the latter, operating with abstract, abstract concepts is more characteristic, it is more difficult for them to visualize the processes referred to in the formulas.

There is a simple test that allows you to determine how much involved are related to the artistic type, and how much is related to the intellectual one. The teacher says: “Fruits and vegetables,” and then asks who has any mental images that have arisen. “Thinkers”, as a rule, represent the inscription “Vegetables and fruits” in the form in which it is depicted on the signs of food stores. And the representations of “artists” are always associated with images of specific vegetables and fruits. There is, of course, the so-called “middle type”, whose representatives mentally see both written words and real gifts of nature. It was also noted that people with moving nerve processes are ahead in the pursuit of those in which these processes are slow.

But it is not on these factors associated with the innate features of the nervous system that ultimately the success of mastering psychic self-regulation depends. There is one most important thing – one can say decisive – a condition that determines success. This is an important, clearly realized goal and a clear understanding of the fact that it is self-hypnosis that can help achieve this goal.

When a person has a goal, the achievement of which is extremely important to him, the classes of mental self-regulation are filled with deep meaning, the attitude towards them becomes truly serious and the training gives good results. That is why before the start of classes it is imperative to clearly define the purpose for which they will be conducted.

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