3 meals a day

Want your muscles to start growing? Eat 5 times a day! Yes, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 times! We were taught from childhood to 3 meals a day, but they did not explain that this regimen would need to be changed for proper development.

Especially for us, thin and skinny 3-time diet is absolutely not applicable! I ate up to 30 years 3 times a day and, as I already said, the muscles did not grow at all. Even if each meal contained 40-50 grams of protein, there was no sense.

The secret is simple: at one meal our body is able to digest only 25-30 grams of protein. Anything more than this will digest the toilet. Well, as you probably know, only to maintain weight you need to eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of your weight every day, i.e. if I weigh 79 kilograms, then I just need to eat about 120 grams of protein daily in order not to lose weight (I’m not talking about muscle growth yet). Well, in order for the muscles to grow, you need 1.8-2 grams of protein, i.e. about 150 grams for my weight. So count: 150/30 = 5 times a day. (30 grams of protein absorption for 1 time).

Proper food is very important! Food for us, drischi, is the most and most important thing! The problem is that nutrition is probably the most difficult science in bodybuilding. But this is the first thing that gave me a powerful impetus and muscle growth 2 months ago (I wrote this book at the very beginning of January 2014).

Who eats properly does not have problems with muscle growth. None at all. Well, almost none. There is a great danger to gain excess weight of fat, so it’s not enough to switch to a 5-time diet, it’s also important to choose the right foods, be able to count proteins, carbohydrates, fats and calories! I talk about this in detail in my video course “How to quickly build muscle for thin guys and beginners of bodybuilding. A step-by-step program up to the result: +5 kg of muscle in 2 months! ” , Which we recorded especially for you together with my new coach Vovka.

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