20 seconds in paradise: myths and facts about female orgasm

The importance of orgasm in a woman’s life is undeniable: it’s not only an emotional discharge, but also a real holiday. Bright explosive sexual sensation is the main indicator of good sex and depends on many factors. For women, the orgasm is more multifaceted, numerous studies prove this: blood flow in men increases by 2 times, in women by 3, ventilation in men increases by 2, in women by 6, the woman’s orgasm lasts up to 20 seconds , men – up to three.

Unfortunately, there are women who believe that they are unable to experience orgasm, consider themselves to be frigid. This may be the result of improper sexual habits, unhealthy relationships, misinformation, and ignorance of your body. If a woman claims that she does not need an orgasm, then most likely she reconciled with the position of the victim and took the partner’s sexual egoism for granted. But sooner or later, such a relationship develops into a problem with painful consequences.


The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud identified two types of female orgasm: clitoral, indicating the immaturity of a woman, and vaginal, characterizing normal psychosexual development.

In fact: Modern sexologists have proved that the two orgasms mentioned above are a reflex reaction of the same stimulation, regardless of its source.
Sigmund Freud, for the development of femininity, urged patients to eliminate clitoral sexuality. And modern research proves the opposite: an orgasm in women is associated precisely with the impact on the clitoris. However, for most beautiful ladies, he is located high, and in the process of sexual intercourse you need to try very hard to reach him. Many sources claim that the percentage of such women is 80, so it is not surprising why Freud ranked many women as inferior.


The German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg once discovered one of the most sensitive places in the female body. Point G is not only involved in arousal, but also a source of vivid orgasm. Since then, every “god of sex” considers it his duty to know where an elusive source of pleasure is hiding.

In fact: Due to the proximity with the bladder, a woman feels irritation of the urinary canals, and then pleasant cramps. The question arises: why resort to such perverted methods, given that the chances of an orgasm with such stimulation are negligible? In addition to everything, except the urge to urinate, a woman is no longer able to concentrate on anything if the clitoris was not excited at the very beginning of sexual intercourse.
Point G is difficult not only to bring to the desired state, but simply to find.
An amazing tale about women who, during intercourse, release a fountain of a certain liquid, men are ready to listen, hanging their ears.
In fact: There is a lot of information, but not a single man knows the truth or does not want to know. After watching porn movies and reading incomprehensibly written reviews, a man begins to experiment with his woman. But the fact remains: the female body is not able to produce ejaculate, and what is secreted from the vagina cannot be a stream. But then what justify the real scenes of jet orgasm ?!

Imagine: between the pubic bone, vagina and uterus, the bladder is located in a clamped state. In the process of excitation, a rush of blood to the pelvic organs is performed, then intra-abdominal pressure rises, while the uterus lowers and swells, and the vagina expands. All this puts pressure on the bladder, and if it is full, an unpleasant incident occurs.
Getting a jet orgasm with relaxed muscles and sprained ligaments is easy. However, if you seriously approach the issue of training intimate muscles, you can discourage your partner at any desired moment.

The lack of orgasm leads women not only to inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, but also to psychological disorders. Women who neglect their intimate life often complain of mental discomfort, low mood and increased aggression. But the most paradoxical is that only one out of ten women turns to a specialist who can help deal with the problem and restore sexual harmony.
Of course, life without an orgasm can be as emotional as with him. Many women with no less pleasure recall the first kiss, gentle hugs, erotic massage – this causes a huge psychological charge.
But if at every rapprochement with your loved one you feel wild anger and disappointment, it’s time to start your sexual development: study yourself, experiment, train intimate muscles, visit a sex trainer. And believe me, an orgasm is worth working on.

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