10 steps to eternal youth: how to live up to 100 years and not get sick

What are the traditional responses to grandmothers in polyclinics in response to complaints of the heart or joints? “What do you want – age!” The answer is so convincing that the grandmothers believe and thank God for those days when nothing hurts them.

But in 1993, American doctors Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman suggested: it’s time to stop considering “age” and “disease” as synonyms! Loss of physical strength, weakening of mental abilities, poor functioning of the heart, blood vessels, joints are not companions of age, but of various diseases. So why not treat all of this as normal and not age-related diseases? And more importantly: why not prevent these age-related changes in advance?

This is how the concept of ” anti-aging medicine ” and its three principles were born : to live long, be healthy and stay young. Of course, doctors, and their clients, had a hard time accepting this. Antiage lifestyle should be conducted from 20-30 years old. But modern technologies can also help those who are already “late”.

Step 1

The highest technologies cannot fight … with the way of life. Quit smoking and play sports – and 10-20 extra years of life will be guaranteed for you. If you add to this the intake of multivitamins and essential trace elements, add the same number of years to your life. Modern medical technologies will prolong youth for another 15-30 years. And finally, natural, wholesome nutrition, selected in accordance with your genes, will give you 35–70 more years! Yes, that’s exactly how much. This means that you can live 50-100 years longer than we live now.

Step 2

Traditionally, it was believed that how much nastiness we collect in ourselves during our life – we live with that, and we get sick from that. By “muck” we mean, for example, heavy metals, radiation, various toxins. Now medicine can get rid of them through detoxification . The now popular procedures for “removing toxins” with the help of certain herbs and enemas are not even the last, but the century before last. Real detoxification “corrects” metabolic processes in the body.

Step 3

Can you predict what you will get sick with? Of course no! – a logically thinking person will answer. And it turns out to be not quite right. An important achievement of medicine is the prediction of diseases, or rather, their identification at the earliest stages. So, genetic analysis makes it possible, almost at birth, to determine which diseases a child is prone to, and which not. Of course, you were not given such an analysis at birth, but you can check your propensity for certain diseases at any age.

Step 4

Once upon a time, the words “you will have to take hormones” horrified a person, because they meant excess weight, hair in unnecessary places and other troubles. Now the 4th-5th generation of hormonal preparations is in use. Scientists have learned to get them synthetically, they have become much safer and their action is much more accurate. It turned out that hormones can and should not only treat serious diseases such as hypothyroidism, but also maintain the body in the form in which it was in 30-40 years.

Step 5

15 years ago, a person who lost an arm or an eye was crippled for the rest of his life. Now the prognosis of doctors will be much more optimistic. Firstly, the technology of sewing on severed limbs has become much more advanced. Recently, a crocodile at the zoo tore off the hand of a gaping veterinarian … The hand was sewn back, and a person can use it again. As for other organs, an artificial retina has already been created, and successful experiments are underway to grow the eyeball together with the optic nerve. The next step is to learn how to grow all this artificially, without donors. Stem cells and cloning technologies will certainly help here.

Step 6

Everyone knows that a lizard that has lost its tail can grow a new one. Today a person is able – of course, with the help of doctors – to recover much more. For example, the immune system that decays with age or damage to the DNA of cells. If earlier we read about genetic engineering only in science fiction novels, today it has become a reality.

Step 7

Another technology of the future is the so-called nanotechnology . That is, miniature harmless things that penetrate the body, knowing exactly where they should fit in and what to do there. Here’s an example: You are prescribed ointment for a sore knee. To smear something you smear, but what part of the ointment gets through the skin to the right place – no one knows. And in a nanotechnological ointment, the active substance is enclosed in a special biocapsule, which will not only reach the joint, but also “stick” to the right place.

Step 8

You won’t surprise anyone with robots for a long time, but we have not yet met cyborgs … However, soon they can become a reality. Robot-like devices built into the body have already appeared. For example, electronic devices that replace the damaged cochlea of ​​the inner ear, or metal joints (hip and fingers). Moreover, scientists are now learning how to make blood vessels and arteries from polymeric materials. When they bring them to mind, the problem of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases – the scourge of our time – will be solved.

Step 9

In recent years, doctors have realized that we cannot see health and youth without daily movement. Therefore, many techniques have appeared that help a person solve physical and psychological problems through movement. Moreover, sports medicine and rehabilitation programs turned out to be suitable for ordinary people, but with some amendments.

Step 10

We’ve already found out that the sooner you master anti-aging programs, the better. However, they will be beneficial at any age. Scientists studied people over 70 who had recently started anti-aging therapy. Tests showed that after a few months, their bodies became about 20 years younger. That is, the amount of collagen in the skin, the state of the cardiovascular system, memory and intelligence have become much closer to the indicators of fifty.

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