10 reasons to lie down and take a nap during a working break

Extra sleep can strengthen your memory, relieve stress and improve the quality of your sex life. In the office, of course, you will look crooked, but do not give up, defend your right to sleep – the Japanese generally do it all.

1. You will make up for a lack of sleep

Let’s admit, you hardly ever sleep the recommended 7-9 hours every day, right? Nedosyp badly affects your productivity and stress resistance, as a result – your effectiveness is reduced. So that you know, lack of sleep has the property of accumulating, and a short nap during lunch break is a great way to cope with it.

2. You will become smarter

German scientists found that after a short sleep, new material (book, film, master class) is remembered five times better! In other words, while you are asleep, the brain processes the acquired knowledge and densely compacts them in the head. Admit it, you used to lecture this when you were a student?

3. You will not be gorged

The less you sleep, the higher the probability that you will gain weight – with such data were made by scientists from Stanford University (USA). Lack of sleep causes your body to require more food to make up for energy. In addition, with a lack of sleep, the level of leptin, the hormone responsible for feeling full, decreases.

4. You will cope with stress.

Stress leads to increased blood pressure, which means it can cause a heart attack, stroke and even erectile problems. But, as American scientists have discovered, daytime sleep helps to cope with anxiety.

5. You will be more gentle

Constantly arguing with a friend? The reason may be a lack of healthy sleep. A recent study showed that only one sleepless night can aggravate a family conflict. Why? Your ability to read her emotions worsens, and irritability grows. That’s why.

6. You will live longer

People who sleep less than six hours a day are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Scientists believe that the fault is stress (to a certain extent, as you understand, from the constant lack of sleep).

7. You’ll be better in bed

If you sleep less than five hours a day, your testosterone level may drop by 10-15%. A lack of testosterone leads to a decrease in sexual appetite, liquefaction of sperm and problems with erection. Oh, how!

8. You will keep your sanity

Lack of sleep increases your chances of getting false memories. A US study showed that regularly undetectable people are more likely to see non-existent details in the photographs after they have been told about them. In other words, the criticality of perception in an asleep person is extremely low.

9. You will be in the best shape

Take a nap, and your training will pass at altitude. A Stanford University study proves that athletes who slept more, achieved higher results in the sprint, showed greater endurance, and they had a lower pulse. Their training was generally better. Scientists say that the majority of visitors to gyms do not adhere to a sleep regime sufficient for recovery after training.

10. Your skin will thank you

In the sleepy person, the facial features are thinned, the skin acquires an uneven shade and begins to peel off. Sleepless nights accelerate the aging process, reducing the ability of your skin to regenerate.

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