Diet for a set of muscle mass

The main goal of an athlete in bodybuilding is muscle hypertrophy and two components are necessary to achieve it: heavy volume training and appropriate nutrition. The word “diet” in the title means a special diet, and not restrictions on the amount of food you eat.

Who needs a diet to gain weight?

The essence of the diet for a set of muscle mass is to provide the body
a sufficient number of nutrients, which are at the head of anabolic processes in the body.

During training, the body consumes a large amount of energy, which is stored in the muscles and liver in the form of glycogen. Muscle fibers also break down when you lift weights. To restore energy reserves and build new muscle fibers, the body needs a certain amount of food, which is the source of energy.

Principles of proper nutrition are the same for all athletes, but the technique may differ from the goals. A set of muscle mass is most relevant for bodybuilders, as well as for representatives of such power sports as powerlifting, arm wrestling, etc.

Diet for a set of muscle mass has its own characteristics. First of all, we are talking about an excess of calories. The amount of calories consumed under normal conditions and with intensive training can not be the same. What is usually considered the norm for a bodybuilder will be a deficit, which, as a result, will lead to stagnation in growth and even a decrease in muscle mass.

Number of meals

To ensure an even supply of nutrients throughout the day, it is necessary to increase the frequency of receptions and reduce portions. This approach is due to the ability to provide the body with the necessary “building material” throughout the day and not lead to the deposition of fat cells. The effectiveness of frequent meals is confirmed by scientific studies: the anabolic effect lasts 3-4 hours, so if you distribute the entire diet for two or three meals, some of the calories from the eaten portion will go to fat, especially in endomorphs.

Caloric content of food

Each athlete, depending on the weight of his body, the intensity of training and the purpose of training should eat a certain amount of calories daily. When typing muscle mass there is quite a lot. It is difficult and not always possible for beginning athletes, therefore, you need to make a diet in such a way as to provide the body with the necessary amount of nutrients and not overload the digestive system. To do this, the proportion of high-calorie food in a day’s ration should be 70%. Also, when consuming a large amount of protein foods, do not forget about fiber, but its share in the diet should not exceed 30%. Fiber plays an important role in digestive processes, but its excessive amount can lead to results that do not meet the bodybuilder’s expectations “on the mass”.

Features of the diet

When recruiting muscle mass, the main task of an athlete is to provide the body with the right amount of calories. However, they should come mainly from “slow” carbohydrates. Even with such a diet, frequent consumption of sweet and fatty foods will result in an undesirable result – obesity. Sweet, which contains a large number of fast carbohydrates may be consumed in small amounts only after training, when the so-called “carbohydrate window” opens. At any other time of the day, this food is very quickly absorbed from the intestine, leading to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, which as a result is translated by the body into fat.

As for fats, they can be consumed in small amounts. It is necessary to completely exclude from the diet of animals and saturated fats, which are abundantly present in such products as pork, fat, sausages, butter, margarine, etc. You can consume vegetable oil in small quantities.


The human body is 70% water, so it is very important to constantly update it. It is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. This amount includes water in its pure form and contained in products, for example, tea, coffee, soup.

What and when to eat

Most of the food you need to eat in the morning. At the same time, for the evening it is necessary to leave protein food, and before dinner, more emphasis on carbohydrate. Just before bedtime, you need to eat cottage cheese or other protein-rich food that does not contain carbohydrates and fats. It should also be remembered that fiber, which is present in vegetables, facilitates the transport of protein foods through the gastrointestinal tract.

Causes of short temper

The considered concept is not considered the best feature, because uncontrollable anger can seriously complicate the existence and disrupt the relationship with the environment. With a nervous excitement, which is often accompanied by anger and aggressiveness, it is difficult to analyze what was said and choose the right words. As a result, the quick-tempered individuals often feel ashamed of their unworthy behavioral manifestations. However, after a rather short period, this situation is repeated under the influence of a number of circumstances.

Spitfire is a very dangerous phenomenon in psychology, as it drives negative emotions into the depths of consciousness, generating mental problems, a frustration of communication and self-perception.

To the reasons provoking excessive temper tantrums, it is possible to attribute various stressors or unjustly caused offenses.

Common factors that cause the condition in question are: regular lack of sleep, bad habits, constant anxiety, improper diet, abuse of low-calorie food, increased anxiety, accumulated fatigue, vitamin deficiency, depression, life troubles.

Often, increased excitability signals the presence of infectious ailments, mental pathologies, digestive tract diseases, diabetes mellitus. In addition, the temper may be caused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Spitfire in the female part of the population often occurs during pregnancy or menopause. This condition is associated with ongoing hormonal changes in the body. The sons of Adam suffer from excessive excitability due to a decrease in the production of the hormone testosterone. Also, science has proved that this feature, if it is a stable characteristic, has a hereditary nature.

Individuals who have low self-esteem often overestimate the bar in front of them. As a consequence, they can not match their own contrived image of the ideal “I”. This causes discord in family relationships, problems in the working environment. The result is a constantly present irritability, firmly rooted in the mind. To avoid this, you do not need to compare your own achievements with the successes of other individuals.

Frustration of intermittent hot flashes

Attacks of aggression, verbal insults, assaults are characteristic signs of excessive temper. Any person can freak out, but often aggressiveness is caused by a disorder of intermittent quick temper, which is more often affected by a strong half of humanity.

A characteristic feature of the described disorder is inadequate response to an insignificant situation, the slightest excuse, criticism, causticity, stress, difficulties in relationships. Each subject is able to flare up, but most still able to control the excessive emotional response, but with the disorder considered, the individual in his own reactions is irresistible. His fury always goes beyond what is permitted and is inclined to recur periodically.

The disorder of faltering temper is called behavioral deviations, characterized by explosive episodes of anger, often reaching apogee. Such outbreaks are disproportionate to the circumstances that gave rise to them. Impulsive aggressiveness is involuntary and is caused by a disproportionate response to any provocation, actual or planned. Some individuals demonstrate affective transformations before a seizure.

The described deviation is a serious mental health disorder that needs to be treated, as it can develop into violence. May be affected by friends, colleagues, relatives. Individuals suffering from such a disorder are at risk of developing other psychiatric abnormalities. Among them are cases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Also described disorder with age often causes problems with myocardium, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of hot temper is not without its relevance.

Today, this disorder is classified as a disruptive, impulsive disorder of self-control and behavioral response. Patients suffering from the described deviation show episodes characterized by a variety of bodily symptoms (sweating, palpitations, tightness in the squamous space, twitching). Aggressive behavior is often accompanied by a sense of relief, sometimes accompanied by a sense of pleasure. To replace these feelings comes a belated remorse.

A significant feature of this deviation is the emergence of discrete episodes of lack of resistance to aggressive drivers, leading to serious malicious acts or the destruction of things.

The degree of aggression manifested during an outbreak is not proportional to provocation or to the influence of a psychosocial stressor.

It is difficult to diagnose the described deviation, since it is possible to diagnose only when other mental disorders are excluded, which can also be accompanied by episodes of hot temper, for example, antisocial or borderline personality disorder, manic episode, behavioral disorders.

In addition, similar clinical manifestations can be observed due to Alzheimer’s disease, direct physiological effects of certain chemicals (pharmacopeia drugs, narcotic drugs), head injuries.

The signs of the disorder in question are usually attributed to the following:

– Several discrete attacks of refusal to resist aggressive incentives, causing violent negative emotions or destruction of property;

– The degree of aggression manifested in the outbreak is incommensurable with the psychosocial stressor;

– outbreaks of aggression are not due to the presence of other pathologies of the psyche.

How to deal with temper tantrums

Individuals suffering from excessive temper tantrums complicate the existence of themselves, their own relatives. Any small thing can generate a violent inadequate negative reaction in such subjects. This complicates the interaction with colleagues, acquaintances, relatives. Excessive quick temper often leads to disagreements in family relationships. Thus, an inadequate negative response to impulses from outside, harms one’s personal life and prevents career growth.

In order to understand how to get rid of hot temper, you need to understand its nature. Any manifestation of emotions is the response of the nervous system to the stimulus. The person’s lack of restraint in utterances, sharp outbursts of anger, peremptory disagreement in absolutely everything that happens around him, are often a consequence of nervous overexertion. Therefore, if the excessive temper is generated by these factors, then a banal vacation, a full sleep or a hobby will help get rid of it.

When an individual faces serious life troubles, any minor incident can trigger a single outbreak of aggression or may be the source of more serious ailments. Therefore, psychologists say that negative emotions must be given a way out, otherwise they will exacerbate the condition. The individual will plunge into himself and begin to cultivate hatred for the environment. There is also the danger of the degeneration of excessive temper in the inseparable character trait.

Since the quick temper in psychology is considered a dangerous condition that generates irregularities in the functioning of the body’s systems, it is necessary to deal with uncontrolled outbreaks of aggression.

Especially effective in preventing outbreaks of aggression is sport, especially its varieties associated with high physical activity. Sports activities contribute to the elimination of excessive nervous tension.

Also it is not recommended to neglect elements of autosuggestion and banal auto-training. Exercises are quite simple in execution, but the effect comes quickly. To achieve a more rapid result, it is recommended to combine these exercises with the elements of respiratory gymnastics.

In addition, you should create a rule not to react instantly to phrases or actions that cause anger. It is recommended to pause before responding or acting. You can mentally count to 5. Literally after a few seconds the irritation will subside slightly, as a result of which there will be no flash of aggression.

It is also recommended to diversify their own existence in order to satiate it with positive emotions. It is necessary to get out more often from relatives on the nature, to visit cinemas, to meet with friends, to read the literature. We should not exclude the hormonal genesis of excessive temper tantrums. A qualified endocrinologist will help to get rid of episodes of aggression.

The whole truth about THINKING

Unfortunately, I may have to break someone’s child’s psyche, but I still want you to realize one thing: If you want to lose weight, you still have to endure some restrictions compared to the way in which you managed to grow fat!


Do you want this, or not, but in order to lose weight, there is only one way. Namely:

First of all, make sure that you do not have endocrine disorders. To do this, you must first consult an endocrinologist.

If the doctor says that you are all right with hormones, and you get fat due to improper eating behavior – you will have to change your eating habits and lifestyle. First of all – in the diet! Below there are links to articles where there are all recommendations for this.
If the doctor says that the cause of excess weight is not in your eating behavior, but in an unbalanced hormonal background – take the drugs that you will be prescribed.
At the same time, I, probably, will upset many of you with one more terrible truth. And this truth lies in the fact that if you change your diet and lifestyle, completely get rid of excess fat, then you will have to stick to the right regime for the rest of your life!

You really thought that you can eat everything, horrible, and then lose weight once, and all with the ends? What then you will return to the old disorderly diet, and your body will remain beautiful and slender? – REMAINED !!!

Therefore, in any case, you will have to accustom yourself to the right habits of nutrition and hold them until death does not separate you.

Der Hauptfehler des Abnehmens

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Die Sache ist, dass anstelle der für wirklich nützliche Informationen über Gewichtsverlust Menschen auf der Suche sind für im Internet suchen … so dass:

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Gewichtsverlust Geschichten von anderen, absolut unbekannten Menschen verloren angeblich Gewicht (und in der Tat, in der Regel, sie haben etwas zu werben).
Informationen darüber, wie schnell Gewicht zu verlieren ohne Diät!
Ein wunderbarer Weg, um Gewicht zu verlieren, wonach das Fett wieder nie kommen wird …
Der Hauptfehler des Abnehmens

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gibt es ein solches Produkt, das man essen und Gewicht verlieren, mit Ausnahme von zwei oder drei vrednyuschih Medikamente (Ephedrin, Dinitrophenol, etc.), die in Russland verboten werden!
Um Gewicht zu verlieren, müssen Sie lernen, ist nicht jemand anderen Gewichtsverlust Geschichten, und die grundlegenden Fundamente der Physiologie der Fettablagerung und damit die Fettverbrennung! Und dann dieses Wissen für sich.
Menschen seit vielen Jahren, alles essen in den Mund kriecht, und dann für einen Moment von all dem akkumulierten Fett loswerden wollen, während nichts zu verlieren!

Types of calories

What are the types of calories Every day we consume a certain amount of calories in order that our body has the necessary energy to ensure life and activity during the day. Calorie is a unit of energy, and each product has a certain calorie content. But they are different. For example, for normal life, you need to consume 2200 calories per day. These calories you can get from different foods – from soups, meat, cereals, carbohydrate foods, fats, sugar, etc. What is the difference between calorie content of food products? Calories everywhere, in general, the same, but the products themselves differ in composition and digestibility. For example, 500 kcal can be obtained from a full-fledged lunch with chicken soup, baked fish with vegetables and berry juice, or you can get them from a pack of French fries, two glasses of sodas or chocolates. Agree – there is a difference. In the first case, you used a useful kind of calories, you were satisfied, your menu was balanced and full, and you can wait patiently until dinner. In the second case, you got a portion of fast calories, but it’s a useless kind of calorie, they gave you a big energy boost that your body does not need, and after 2 hours you’ll want to eat again. What is the difference between calories, and what kinds are there?

Harmful and healthy calories

The main source of calories in food is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are divided into complex, contained in cereals, cereals, legumes, vegetables, and saccharides, or fast carbohydrates – this is actually sugar, chocolate, confectionery, honey, refined fats, sweet vegetables and fruits. If in the first case the food is digested slowly, the body needs time and strength to break up complex carbohydrates, besides such products contain a lot of useful – proteins, vitamins, amino acids, microelements, in the second case you just eat a large piece of calories that are not backed up practically no more nutrients. Such food does not satiate, the carbohydrates contained in it are fast carbohydrates, which very quickly split, release a large amount of energy that only confuses the body and quickly ends. In the first case, you eat healthy calories, and in the second – empty, extra calories, which, most likely, will be stored in fat stores. Fast calories can be eaten when you need large energy resources – before a workout, on a hike or before an exam, you can eat a chocolate bar or a sweet pear. If you are very hungry between meals, you can eat an apple – the monosaccharides contained in it are quickly absorbed into the blood and give you the necessary cheerfulness. That’s why it’s usually advised to use fruit for snacks. Unfortunately, as a rule, calories come to us in the sweet, and not in the fruit. Calories in sweet – it’s just sugar, whereas calories in fruits – it’s also vitamins, and amino acids, and fiber. In other cases, there is no need for extra calories – they only increase the calorie content of your food and increase the likelihood that you will gain excess weight. You have often felt that after a hearty dinner with dessert you just fall asleep on the go? This is due precisely to the large amount of fast carbohydrates consumed, which the body needs to urgently process – that’s what strains all its forces to produce insulin, which will take up fast calories. And large doses of insulin can subsequently lead to diabetes mellitus. Useful calories give you energy dosed – just as much as you need to feel good 4 more hours before the next meal. Their processing takes place not in such an emergency mode and does not burden the body. As a result – you keep cheerfulness and the necessary supply of vitality throughout the day. This kind of calories does not harm you, it helps. Useful calories should be 70% of daily calorie content, while fast calories should not exceed 3.5%. And it is desirable to eat the bulk of fast carbohydrates and calories in a sweet form in the morning hours – excess energy will not hurt you in the morning, and by the end of the day it will have time to be completely reworked by the body. In general, with this type of calories should be more careful and try to get it from useful products – fruits or honey. From what type of calorie you consume and how much, depends on whether you risk gaining excess weight or not, and also whether you are at risk of diabetes.

How to calculate your ideal weight?

To “blind” the ideal figure, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. However, before embarking on this difficult matter, go to the mirror and look at yourself critically, but with love. You can take a centimeter and measure all your circles, just do not make any gloomy conclusions, if you do not get 90-60-90. Most likely, it really will not work, but there is no tragedy in this. First, much can be corrected. Secondly, much to correct, maybe, and it is not necessary.

Type of constitution

For example, anthropologists distinguish three main types of constitution (not to mention numerous transitional and intermediate variants). These three types are called: normosthenic, hypersthenic and asthenic. A person with a hypersthenic constitution, most often of medium or below average height, is broad-boned, with relatively short arms and legs and a broad chest. Asthenicus – tall, long-legged, with a narrow chest, looking all the way up. Normostenik means “normal”: the growth is average and everything else, too. Quite accurately determine your constitutional type can be on the so-called intercostal corner, which form the lowest edge arch. Stand in front of the mirror, pulling your stomach and sticking out your chest, and see what your intercostal angle is (you can even take a large protractor and measure it). If it is about 90 degrees, then you are a normostenic. If this angle is acute, less than 90 – you are asthenic, and if stupid – hypersthenic. In the latter case, in particular, the successful disposal of excess weight can lead to a not very successful result: leanness will not adorn hypersthenic, and some “extra” weight, on the contrary, rounds off several square outlines of the figure. The ideal weight is not a figure on the scales, but an integral part of your life.

How does body weight affect health?

What does the number on the scales actually mean? How is it related to all the reasons why you dream of losing weight? Perhaps you want to look more attractive, improve your health, get into your favorite jeans, or wear a beautiful dress hanging in a closet for many years, improve your physical shape, return to youth, or simply comfortable living with fewer kilograms? The figure on the scales is not what determines your success or failure. There are a great many ways to determine progress and success, in addition to constantly monitoring the scales. There is only one reason why you can talk about “normal” or “ideal” weight and this reason is your health. It is scientifically proven the relationship between weight and certain health problems, which can lead to serious illnesses or even death. Although your weight may not be the cause of some diseases, it is absolutely certain that people whose weight is more or less than the “norm” are much more susceptible to various health problems.

Purpose of antidepressants

There is another not very pleasant moment, which we have to talk about only because we live in Russia. In order to get a prescription for drugs, you will have to contact the district psycho-neurological dispensary at your place of residence. It should be noted that these institutions are very different from similar western ones, alas, not for the better. Naturally, in a depressed state, promoted by depression, you will want to be treated first, as a person, and not as a patient with a regular diagnosis. But the system of domestic psychiatry is still very far from that. I would like very much that you did not encounter this, but most likely you will feel a strong estrangement, a barrier between yourself and the district psychiatrist. Just be prepared for this, try to understand that a psychiatrist is an ordinary person, with a small salary, with personal problems, which every day has a huge number of patients, often with severe mental disorders, and, with the help of this barrier, he simply defends his psyche not for nothing in the ranking of suicides among representatives of various professions, psychiatrists are in the lead).

The most important thing is for a psychiatrist to be a good specialist and be able to choose a regimen for taking medications that will ease your depression. Sometimes this can take years. I know a person who all his life suffers from endogenous depression and for several decades tried more than 40 !!! various drugs, before he found the optimal (in his case) drug. Drug therapy is a method of trial and error, and when choosing a drug, psychiatric intuition plays an important role.

Depending on their effect, antidepressants are divided into several groups. This issue is addressed by the article of the Group of Antidepressants